Foreign commodities are not of superior quality – Cherargei

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Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has alleged that local commodities are of better quality compared to those from China.

Through his twitter handle he said that commodities from foreign nations are not necessarily of superior quality than local products.

 “The fact that competitive business is allowed into the country even from foreign nations. We cannot comprise the quality of goods & services into kenya no two way about,” Cherargei said.

“Juakali products are better than most of products from China!”

This comes after claims that China Square has driven Kenyan traders out of business with lowly priced goods.

On Sunday, China Square announced that it will close down after Trade CS Moses Kuria and traders frowned upon it.

In a statement, owner Lei Cheng alias Charlie said he will take time to re-evaluate and re-plan the business’s strategy.

Cheng said the company was considering cooperation with local traders with an aim to better integrate itself with the community.

He apologised to the customers, urging them to visit the shop on Monday after it reopens.

“Our commitment to providing you with the highest level of service remains as strong as ever, and we look forward to re-opening on Monday, February 27, with a renewed focus on meeting your expectations,” the retailer said.

Lawyer Ahmednasir had earlier on called out Kuria for fighting a succeeding business just because it is owned by a Chinese national.

 He insisted that CS Kuria is wrong and that Kenya policies should not have racist undertones. 

“Our policies should not have “a racist” undertone. CS Moses Kuria is obviously wrong in his onslaught against Mr. Lei Cheng of China Square. “Kenya is open for business” is Kuria’s mantra, yet he is at war with Cheng for succeeding in his business model (selling cheapest),” he tweeted on Sunday.

In his response, Kuria said that Kenya was only open for business, and nothing more.

“Kenya is open for business but Kenya is not open for dumping,” he said on Sunday.

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