Youth makes millions from flower pots

flower pots

Two kilometers before one arrives in Kilifi town from Mombasa stands Mnarani Garden centre. This is the place where for the last three years, Fikirini Katana has been eking his living.

The 28-year-old father of two girls aged 10 and six does not regret by engaging in landscaping and making flower pots. The business is a good one and it provides for his daily upkeep.

He uses sand, coral chips, cement, ballast and water to make his pots. He uses metal to make moulds which he uses as housings in the manufacture of pots.

When we visited the site opposite Kilifi private plantations in Mnarani for an interview, Mr Katana was supervising final touches to an order to supply pots worth Sh80, 000 to Mombasa and the deadline is quickly approaching.

He obliged and we sat down as hired youths continued with their job to finalize the work he said the client had already paid the deposit and would clear the remaining cash upon delivery.

Katana has six youths whom he hired to work there and that is one way of creating employment in this country.

The business he said is currently worth Sh12 million and in a good day, he makes more than Sh100, 000 in sales.

Although it is a tiresome business, Mr Katana said it has been the source of livelihood and he is not about to leave it any time soon.

Some of his clients are prominent Mombasa lawyer Tawfiq Balala and sport personality Macdonald Mariga who have tested his service and applauded him for his efforts.

A mould for a big pot takes a week to make and then the pot itself takes two days for it to be ready for sale. A big pot measured at 50 centimetre goes for Sh5, 500, while some pots ranging on their shapes and sizes goes for even Sh10, 000.The cost of making pots also range from Sh2,600 to Sh5,000. He said that the selling price of their commodity depend on the cost incurred while making it.

In landscaping he charges from Sh25, 000 to Sh70, 000 depending on the setup which will suit the house owner.

But how did he found himself in this kind of business?

Mr Katana was born in a family that loved flowers at Kiwandani village in the suburb of Kilifi town.

Surprisingly, Mr Katana dropped out of Secondary while in form one due to lack of school fees but says his art in flowers led him to the business he is in today.

He urged youths to work hard in live for their own success saying there are many opportunity for them to start business and uplift their living standards.

He said most of the youths had taken to drug abuse because of idleness which should not be happening at this time and age.

Katana said the major challenge is that Kilifi residents have not embraced flower pot making and that the kind of prices he charged them feels like they are conned.

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