Female politician busted in a Malindi hotel


There was drama in a Malindi hotel on Friday evening after an aspiring woman MP was busted by her husband.

The woman leader who is eyeing a parliamentary seat in one of the Kilifi county constituencies had told her husband that she was travelling to Nairobi to iron out party issues.

She left on Thursday morning for ‘Nairobi’ but ended up in Malindi.

The husband was tipped by a friend after he saw the woman in the posh hotel having a good time with a male politician.

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Devastated, the husband drove to the hotel and found his wife with the other politician cuddling in a swimming pool.

A source at the hotel whispered to jumuiya.co.ke that the husband caused a scene at the hotel but he was contained by security guards.

“The husband attempted to jump into the pool but security guards were swift and managed to take him away as he breathed fire,” said the source.

The husband wondered how the wife cheated on him yet he has always been there for her.

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  1. Very shemfully as a leader.

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