7 Roka families stare at eviction

evictionsHuman rights defender Eric Mgoja addressing the families

Seven families in Roka are living in fear of being evicted from a piece of land they bought 30 years ago.

The families bought 9 acres on plot 246-Roka from a resident who now they claim has resold the land to a tycoon.

On Wednesday the families blamed the original owner of the land for failing to sub divide the land despite receiving the payment for the nine acres.

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“I bought three acres in 1990 from Kadenge Mure. I did not sign any agreement with him because he told me that he would do the subdivision so that I can get a title deed but before that happened he sold the land to Mombasa cement Limited and the title was issued to Mombasa cement,” said Kenga Johana.

Apart from palm trees and other fruit trees, the families have buried over 20 relatives there.

According to Johana, they first received a letter to vacate the land in 2016 and when they confronted the owner of the land who lives in a different land he said the land is no longer his and they should prepare to leave.

“We have buried our loved ones here and the tycoon was willing to give us Ksh200, 000 for all of us. This is ridiculous because there is no way you can get land with Ksh30, 000 in this area. The tycoon said he will buy every grave at Ksh8000 and our traditions do not allow that,” said Alfred Kaingu, a resident

Mure denied selling the land to the families but failed to explain how they managed to live and bury their loved ones on the land. The families have also planted palm trees which have matured.

Kadzitu charo, 65 said they are ready to leave if they will be relocated to another place. the first eviction notice was issued in 2016.

“We have families and we do not have any other place to call home except this place. Let the tycoon provide us with an alternative land. Since 2016 we have been living in fear. We have tried to seek justice in different officers but we have not been successful. We want our leaders to come to our rescue,” Said Kadzitu

Eric Mgoja, a human rights defender who visited the families called on the national land commissioner to intervene and address the matter.

He blamed brokers for the impending eviction in the area.

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