Mangororo Primary school: The facts

MangororoKilifi county CEC for education and ICT Prof. Gabriel Katana inspecting the ongoing construction of the ECD class at Mangororo Primary school on Friday.

There has been a lot of accusation and counter-accusation after images of the sorry state of Mangororo Primary were shared on social media.

The incumbent Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire exonerated himself from any blame on the poor infrastructure of the public school.

Mwambire pointed a finger at his predecessor Peter Shehe. The social media immediately became awash with claims that during Shehe’s tenure, the school was allocated Ksh2 million for the construction of classrooms. The claim was nothing was done and though documents indicate the classrooms were put up at the school.

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Facts on the ground however, indicate the NG-CDF under Shehe’s tenure constructed two classrooms. The school has two permanent blocks, one built by the NG-CDF and the other was done through LASDAP before devolution.

Currently, the County government of Kilifi is constructing a one classroom block at the school. The building was started during the previous regime but it stalled at slab level. By Friday, the building had advanced to window level.

The school has two toilets, one for girls and the other for boys. Teachers and other staffs have no toilet.

The LASDAP classroom serves as the head teacher’s office, the staff room, the library and the store. PP1 and PP2 also learn in the same class. The school has 250 students in the primary section and 55 in the ECD section. 19 of the 250 are candidates expected to sit for their national examination this year.

On Friday, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa through Aisha Jumwa foundation donated 50 desks, 300 iron sheets and 100 bags of cement.

Ganze politician Edward Kingi contributed Ksh20, 000.

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