Entertainment stakeholders react on the teenage pregnancy crisis in Kilifi

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After the revelations showing that Kilifi county is leading in teenage pregnancies with alarming statistics showing that 1400 candidates did their final exams while pregnant suddenly people from the entertainment fraternity have had to take the blame cause the acts have been attributed to disco matanga, Bango and night clubs hence resulting to the ban of disco matanga and keshas in some places.

In order to seek clarity on this issues we sought after the entertainment stakeholders in the region and below we get to know their views and probably what measures should be taken in a bid to avert the crisis.


Bavyombo who is the patron of Hosini band, a fast rising bango band in Kilifi county says that it is not fair at all to blame such menace on bango people. “We have already been paid upfront for some gigs. This is where we earn our daily bread. Where does the government expect us to get money to pay back our clients? Honestly to me I think the solution to this problem is parents to take the key role in ensuring their children are disciplined and that they are at the right places at the right times”


Honestly to me I think disco matanga is needed coz it helps those who have no funds raise funds to give their beloved ones a decent send-off. Disco matangas should be handled in a more civilized way for instance a change in its timing instead of going on the whole night it can start like early in the evening and end like 10 at night instead if banning it.

In the issue of clubs I think in clubs there is age restriction and those clubs found admitting minors should face the full wrath of the law.


Parents should be role models to their children. Most of the young girls will copy what their parents do. You will get see them accompany their mothers to these night events and probably while there they will just follow what they see their elders do.

Also the education sector should introduce educational forums to the youths on upright living standards and morals. Reproductive health should be made a compulsory subject in schools.


In this whole issue parents have failed in their responsibilities. Sorry to say so but I feel parents are the ones who take their kids to discos because if the parents were strict enough no kid would be seen in such places. During our childhood times in the 80s discos and keshas were there but you could not hear of kids misbehaving because our parents were strict.

Secondly most of the victims are living in dire poverty and people take advantage of the situation so both the county and national governments should work hard in ensuring that its citizens are living above the poverty line but imposing a ban is not a solution to this menace.


A lot will be said a lot will be done but banning these things is not the solution. The solution lies with the parents. Parents should take charge and should not shy away from their responsibilities. Parents should not allow their children attend such functions period.

Or maybe it’s time parents to be educated on how they can handle their children.

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Charity begins at home. Parents should be role models to their children. They should instil good values and virtues in their children but parents nowadays have left the internet and social media do their work. The parents to children relationship is very low nowadays.

The government should create a way that children should be kept busy during the holiday seasons also because as the say an idle mind is the devils workshop.


First of all before imposing the ban the authorities should know that entertainment is an industry that has employed a lot of people now once they close it down where do they expect all these people to be absorbed in? How do they expect us to earn our daily bread? Entertainment is our only source of income.

We acknowledge that teenage pregnancies are on the rise and we are very bitter about it we are composing songs on the same in order to sensitize the masses on the same but at the end of the day parents should take the key roles in that their children are responsible and disciplined. 


Honestly the parents are the ones to blame because they have neglected their parenting duties. Poverty and low education standards are some of the factors that have majorly contributed to this vice.

The government should take stern disciplinary action to any kid and parents whose kid will be found in such places especially at night.


Parents should have a discussion with their children let them know what to do and what not to do, let them know the good and the bad instead of leaving that entire burden to their teachers in school.

Banning the night functions might be impossible because a lot of people are employed in the sector and that will mean rendering them jobless.

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