Enact the Witness Protection Bill- ICPAK Tells Parliament

Witness protection BillInstitute of Certified Accountants of Kenya ICPAK Chairperson FCPA Rose Mwaura

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya ICPAK has asked parliament to pass the witness protection Bill pending in parliament.

According to ICPAK Chairperson Rose Mwaura the Bill has not seen the light of the day since it was tabled in parliament a couple of years ago.

“Graft is a big business in this country. Some of the expert witnesses do not want to come out to testify on such cases because they feel unsafe,” said Ms Mwaura.

Vaccinate all frontline workers

Speaking in Mombasa, the chair further urged the government to ensure all frontline workers are vaccinated against COVID-19.

She blamed the government on claims of what she claims is ‘sleeping’ on the jab a couple of weeks after it landed in the country.

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“The government should get serious with the vaccine. Again it should not be left in the hands of corrupt individuals,”

“Doctors teachers and other frontline workers should receive the jab. It should however be done properly so that it does not land in the hands of corrupt individuals,’ said Mwaura.

Civic education-significance

 She notes that civic education is key before Kenyans receive the vaccine.

“A lot more needs to be done. Currently, there has not been enough of that education. This is a major challenge to the public,” noted the Chair.

On the question of fuel price increase, the chair says the government has implemented it at the wrong time.

Said Mwaura “The price of super petrol is around sh122. This price has a knock-on effect to the other consumables,”

The chair wants the government to reduce the cost of fuels to allow for economic recovery.

“There is a need for the government to reduce the cost of production. It should look at the cost of fuels,” noted the Chair.

Avoid politicking

Ms Mwaura wants the political class to concentrate on matters of national importance instead of politicking.

The chair points out that the institute does not advocate for the closure of the economy.

She wants Kenyans to take responsibility by keeping safe through sanitizing, maintaining social distance and wearing face masks.

“Closing the economy will not help the country in any way. We need to adhere to the laid down protocols,” said the ICPAK chair.

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