Embrace TVETs and keep off drug abuse, appeals PS

TVETsState department of technical and vocational training PS Kevit Desai

The government is keen to ensure that youths benefit from skills offered in Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges (TVETs) across the country not only for employment but also for self-employment.

State department of technical and vocational training PS Kevit Desai has asked parents to take their children to Technical and Vocational colleges to keep them off drugs.

“Those who get skills from these facilities will be in position to work in ships and planes as well as have the capability to build bridges, among other things in Industries” he said.

Speaking after inspecting Msambweni technical and vocational college on Saturday, the PS said that all the courses offered in the institution are aligned with the government big four agenda.

Among the courses offered include; mechanical engineering (plant production), welding and fabrication, computer packages and information communication technology.

“Those with skills and lack documents even 50 years old men and women can get tested at the college and be awarded with certificate,” added the PS.

The government, has spent 150 million for equipment and construction of the college while asking community to take advantage and ensure their children benefit from it.

Msambweni MP Suleiman Dori said that he will put up a hostel for 300 student at the institution.

He said that the facility will help youths in the area to get skills and experience to work in Industries all over the world.

“This college is important for our community and therefore it is good we make use of it. My leadership supports education and this is one college that has our support,” he said.

Msambweni deputy county commissioner Eric Wamrevu said the college is part of government plan to take resources to village level to be able to compete with other regions.

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“We want to do away with the notion that some areas are marginalized by ensuring resources are available. Let’s bring our youths to get skills here and get out of the drug menace,” he said.

Msambweni technical and vocational college director Samson Onchangwa said that the skills offered at the college will enable youths to get jobs outside the country because they are of international standards.

Already he said that more than 33 students have registered and started learning.

“We are slowly changing the attitude and people are coming for studies instead of going to the sea. We are ready to teach even at night here,” reiterated Onchangwa.

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