EACC detectives nab police impostor


Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have arrested a man suspected to be a police impostor.

The detectives raided the house of Charles Odongo Olonde in Kilifi and arrested him for interrogation.

Upper Coast region EACC director Gichangi Njiru said they had received complaints from the public that he was extorting money from Kilifi residents.

“It is an offence to impersonate police officers,” Mr Njiru said.

He asked the public to report any suspicious characters and incidents of corruption to EACC offices in Malindi.

“I want to warn others who are doing the same that their days are numbered,” he added.

Several sim cards and identification documents were seized from the suspect’s house during the raid.

Some of the residents said the suspect had been demanding bribes from them.

“He lied to us that he was a senior police officer and everyone in Kilifi, including the police, bought his lies,” said a resident.

He added: “Olonde has been living large, he is always seen partying in the company of women.”

Police had hectic time controlling the crowd as they interrogated the suspect in Malindi.

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