Do not support call for referendum blindly, warns Kaloleni MP

pkKaloleni MP Paul Katana

Kaloleni MP Paul Katana has warned Coast leaders against supporting the call for referendum blindly.

Katana said it is premature to claim to support a referendum whose question has not been formulated yet.

Speaking in Mariakani when he dished out bursaries worth Ksh 23.8 Million, Katana further urged the government to come up with the question so that the public can know the proposals in the expected constitutional change.

 “I will support this referendum if it seeks to change the lives of Kenyans for the better. No one is against it but we need to know what we want to change in the constitution. If it will give powers to certain people while oppressing others then I will not support it,” said Katana.

He added: “The constitutional change should in fact increase the funds allocated to education. We cannot say education is free yet there is some money we pay”

The MP distributed bursaries worth Ksh 23 million.

Kaya fungo MCA Alphonse Mwayaa said any constitutional change that will not increase funds allocation to counties should be rejected.

Mwayaa said counties have been underfunded.

“Most functions have been devolved but a huge chunk of funds remains with the national government. This referendum should address this and make sure more funds is channeled to the counties which are the driving forces for the countries economy,” said Mwayaa

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