Did Margaret commit suicide at Bamba police cells?

Bamba PoliceHaki Africa deputy executive director Salma Hemed consoles Joyce Masha mother to the late Margaret Masha.

Margaret Masha, 17 who was found dead in a police cell at Bamba police station will be laid to rest on Saturday at her Nzovuni home.

Family members on Monday told Jumuiya, the body will leave Kilifi county hospital mortuary on Friday for a night vigil at her home.

Margaret was 26 2eeks pregnant when she died.

The known fact is, Margaret died in the hands of the police. What is not known is whether she was killed or she killed herself.

In a bid to unravel the cause of her death, the government chief pathologist conducted a repeat autopsy on Margaret’s body last Saturday.

Oduor said Margaret suffered Cyanosis which is usually caused by low oxygen levels in the red blood cells or problems getting oxygenated blood to the body.

He said the neck had marks similar to those seen when someone commits suicide.

He however could not establish the origin of several marks on the hands and legs of the deceased.

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The head also had blood clots on the left side and the back side. Her dress was also torn and shoes scratched. Her private parts had blood too.

The circumstances surrounding Margaret’s death are still a mystery. What is however known is Margaret was in constant communication with a police officer at the station.

On the day she met her death, Margaret communicated seven times with the officer with the last call recorded at 3.45pm.

The late went to the police station on the invitation of the police officer who is well known to the deceased.

On the day of Margaret’s death, all suspects that were in the cells were freed without any condition.

One of the suspect recounted how lights went off at the police station and immediately they were freed.

Bodaboda riders who offer transport services to police officers also noticed an unusual behavior as they were forced to drop officers outside the gate unlike the other days when they drop them at the station.

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