Dialogue report widens cracks in Azimio

Dialogue Report

Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Azimio coalition faces internal strife as key coalition members sharply criticize the Dialogue report’s contents. This report, crafted by a Bipartisan Committee, suggests significant changes to Parliament’s composition, sparking dissent among Raila’s co-principals who seek its rejection or modification.

Martha Karua of Narc Kenya and Eugene Wamalwa of DAP-K are among the Azimio luminaries expressing objections. Karua, formerly Raila’s running mate, criticized the report, saying, “Any purported agreement that does not immediately impact on the cost of living… is a fraud on the people and must be rejected.” Meanwhile, Wamalwa stated, “… I believe we did not do justice to the single most important issue to Kenyans, i.e., the cost of living.”

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Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni also voiced disappointment, cautioning, “The discussions fell short of our expectations. Kenyans were killed not because of government positions, but due to the soaring cost of living.”

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta reportedly expressed reservations about the report’s handling of the cost of living issue. This growing dissent within Azimio raises concerns about potential fractures in the coalition if the differences are not reconciled.

Raila Odinga plans to lead a crucial meeting with Azimio-aligned MPs to resolve internal conflicts. The meeting’s outcome is pivotal in maintaining unity within the coalition.

There are uncertainties about the report’s fate, with discussions around potential amendments to address public concerns. Raila’s endorsement, alongside President William Ruto’s approval, is anticipated before the report can be tabled in parliament.

Amid tensions, Western envoys, who advocated for the Bomas talks to resolve Kenya’s political standoff, reportedly support adopting the report. All eyes are on Raila as he navigates these dynamics and moderates criticism of the report, which he admitted to not having fully reviewed yet.

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