Delayed completion of Mombasa Municipal stadium irks stakeholders

Mombasa Municipal stadium,Abdulfataa Abubakar founder of Kenya Teachers Sports and Games Association. Image: PETER KOMBE

Sports Stakeholders in Mombasa have urged the government to fast track the completion of Mombasa Municipal Stadium.

According to the stakeholders, the field, a historical spot, plays a fundamental role in talent development within the county and so should the government facilitate its refurbishment and completion.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Friday, Kenya Teachers Sports and Games founder Abdulfata Abubakar said there exist dozens of talents in the county that should be nurtured.

“We only have the stadium as the only public sports utility. Being a historical sports ground something should be done to fast track its completion,” said the game’s trainer.

He further urged the government to invest in talent development amongst Kenyans by putting up sports academies.

“The government has not fully invested in various games and sports. We should instil a spirit of sports in this country,” said Abdulfata.

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Abdul who trains football amongst Coast teachers said the lot has always been taken for granted.

“Teachers are normally considered as educationists and are not in any way involved in sports activities. That is why I resolved to bring all teachers together,” said Abdulfata.

He admits that bringing them (teachers) together is a challenge that requires more commitment and dedication.

At the same time, a sports trainer who spoke on condition of anonymity called on local leaders to work closely with the community to tap upcoming sporting talents.

According to the source, the surge in drug abuse in Mombasa county has been attributed to the lack of sporting facilities where young people can become occupied.

“Drug and substance abuse is high in this county. And the reason is very clear; there are no sporting facilities where youth can engage themselves,

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