Degree requirement should not deny Kenyans good leaders-NCCK

degree requirement

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) coast region conference has faulted the degree requirement for politicians and said that the demand is too high.

NCCK Deputy Chairperson Bishop Alphonse Baya of the ACK Mombasa Diocese said the move might lock out prudent leaders and deny Kenyans an opportunity to elect their prefered leaders.

“Let’s not use the degree requirement to deny Kenyans an opportunity to elect good leaders and those leaders that will be there for the development of this country,” he added.

He said many leaders excelled in politics without any education.

“Having a degree for one to be elected is not a bad idea, but Education is not everything, history is clear that there have been leaders who have never had the qualification but are still being remembered for their excellent work in our nation,” said Bishop Baya.

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He mentioned the late Tom Mboya who had a Diploma but he is the brainchild behind many Economic Planning and Development in the Country which he developed when he was a minister.

He asked the IEBC not to make a degree an independent requirement for politicians.

However, he said there should be a basic minimum for education and qualification.

“In matters of elections, the degree requirement should not be independent,  but it should be perceived in all angles putting into consideration all the aspects of Integrity as called for by Chapter 6 of the constitution,” he said

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