Dee Varia gifts Kibarani schools with a borehole

KibaraniDhiraj Varia standing in front of the borehole

Kibarani boarding and Kibarani school for the deaf primary schools have breathed a sigh of relief after receiving a borehole from well-wishers.

On Saturday, donors from the Dee Varia family from the United Kingdom commissioned a borehole they sunk to serve the two schools.

Dhiraj Varia inspecting a guard of honour mounted by scouts and girl guides from Kibarani boarding primary school

Speaking to journalists during the commissioning of the Dhiraj Varia who spoke on behalf of the family said his dreams to support the vulnerable community has been realized.

He said the borehole was just the beginning of the many projects the school will receive from the family.

Currently, the family has sunk three boreholes in Kilifi.

“It is with great joy to see children enjoying the water. I hope we will carry on and do more for the children whenever funds allow,” he said.

The family joins students in a dance

According to the project coordinator David Mboja the two schools have been identified by the Kilifi education office as those in dire need of support in infrastructure and other facilities to help the children.

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Daniel Mumba, the head teacher at Kibarani boarding school said sometimes the schools have been running for more than two months without water due to the water shortage in the County.

“We have always been forced to get a water boozer from the County government for our students to use and that is a very big challenge since we use Ksh8000 every week,” he said.

Mumba said they moved around looking for well-wishers to help drill a borehole to solve the problem.

The Dee Varia family sharing meals with the students

Kibarani community boreholes

Before the borehole, pupils used to scramble for water in the community boreholes outside the school.

The head teacher said raising the money to purchase the water was a problem since fee payment amongst the parents is poor.

“If I could be strict and demand that all parents should clear the school fees before their children stay in school then there would be no single pupil in this school. Whatever they bring is what we collect and wait,” said Mumba.

He added: That to itself is a challenge because we get to a point where there is no money and the children expect to be given water and food.

The head teacher Kibarani School for the deaf David Jali said the school being a special school was at risk of being closed due to lack of water and food for the children.

Face painting by the family

“We have been going through several strikes from the support staffs and even the pupils. One of the alternative to solve the problem was to find alternative supply of resources to the school and the borehole will help us reduce the huge costs of piped water which is also not reliable,” he said.

Kibarani boarding school and Kibarani School for deaf primary schools have 456 and 155 pupils respectively.

The family spent the whole day at the school to interact with the students and shared meals with them.

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