Dabaso residents accuse Bamba ACC of aiding land grabbing

Land grabbing

Dabaso residents in Mitangani Location, Ganze Sub County have accused the Bamba assistant county commissioner Francis Mambo of fanning tribal conflict in the area.

The residents are accusing Mambo of aiding the neighbouring Duruma community to grab land at the expansive Kilifi ranch which they claim is owned by Giriama and Watha communities.

Guyo Hiribae said a group of youths from the Duruma community in Kwale County invaded the area and claimed ownership of a section of the ranch.

“They came here armed with crude weapons and said they have come to take their land. This area belongs to us. We have been living here all our lives and have nowhere else to go. We chased an investor who has been here for over 20 years and when the Duruma saw that the investor had gone they came claiming to own the land and even brought in another investor who is sponsoring youths to chase us from this land,” said Hiribae.

The residents claim Mambo is favouring the Duruma community because he is from that tribe.

Speaking via phone on Mambo denied that there is a conflict in the area.

“I do not know of any conflict in that area. The residents are misleading you,” said Mambo

Former Bamba ward MCA Daniel Mangi said the ACC is known in meddling on land deals to favour his community.

“I have always said that the ACC is the major cause of conflict in Mitangani location. He has a hidden agenda and that’s why year in year out the conflict in Mitangani has not been solved,” said Mangi

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Joseph Karisa, another residents claimed the investor brought by the Duruma community hired goons from Ndharako and Kanja ocha villages to cause chaos in Dabaso.

“The investor known as Robah hired goons and bought them bhang and Mugoka so that they can go and chase people at mlimani kwa Kizingo (Dabaso) the next day the ACC together with the OCS Bamba police station convened a meeting where the goons attended and he said nothing should be done until after new year when the matter will be resolved. This was before Christmas and after Christmas he went to the same place and spent the whole day there. The investor was allowed to graze his livestock. I am afraid clashes may erupt because our community might as well get people to protect our land. The ACC should not burn our area,” said Karisa

Karisa said the ACC uses a group of five elders who call themselves ‘no one but you’.

Karisa has called on interior CS Fred Matiangi to intervene before things get out of hand.

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Former Gede sub location area Chief Charo Koto said the dispute has been there for long but it has never risen to the current situation.

“This problem has been there for some time now. I tried to solve this matter and even tried to get a title deed for the area but I did not succeed. I blame the investors because they are the ones fueling these clashes,” said Koto

According to Jumaa Peku, Mambo has been favouring his community from Kwale to take land in the area.

“The ACC is using some of our elders to validate his ills. Anyone from the Duruma community who will come to claim land in this area the ACC will give him that land. He has even allowed a section of the Jira Primary school land in Ndharako to be taken by the Durumas. This is unacceptable and we do not want bloodshed in this area. He can be transferred to work in another place but where will we go,” said Peku

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