CSOs oppose formation of Covid-19 Enforcement Unit

covid-19 enforcement unit

Lobbyists have opposed a move by the government to form a special Enforcement Unit aimed at ensuring a full adherence to covid-19 protocols.

According to the lobbyists the formation of the unit will worsen the situation taking into cognizance the serious human rights violation in some counties of North Eastern and the coast region.

Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid addressing the media in Nairobi said the human rights defenders have recorded sufficient data of gross violation during the COVID-19 pandemic in various parts of the country.

“The security apparatus are known to violate human rights, harassing intimidating and killing innocent Kenyans. They cannot be given that mandate to violate human rights,” explained Khalid.

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According to Khalid, religious leaders and health workers are the right people to spearhead that.

“Police have also been accused of cold blood murders as is evidenced in Yassin Moyo, a 13 years old boy in Nairobi while they were enforcing the nationwide curfew,” Khalid lamented.

Khalid opposed the move saying it has socio-economic and political impact across the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his state of the nation address Wednesday called on the inspector general of police to constitute the Unit to enforce the Covid-19 protocols.

According to the president, the unit will consist of the county inspectorate, regular police and the administration police.

Some of the organizations represented in the Nairobi presser include among others; Uhaki na Usawa, and Kangemi Grassroots Human Rights Movement.

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