Covid-19 infection soars in Kilifi as public disregard protocols

covid-19Kilifi governor addressing the press outside his office on Friday

Kilifi county has continued to disregard Covid-19 protocols despite a surge in infections in the county.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi announced Friday that the county has so far recorded over 80 Covid-19 related deaths.

Speaking outside his office, Kingi who co-chairs the Kilifi County Covid-19 Emergency and Response Committee with Kilifi county commissioner Kutswa Olaka said the county has been recording over 20 covid-19 cases daily.

“There are days where we recorded over 100 cases in a day. This has been contributed by most people flouting the MOH protocols. We have recorded a positivity rate of 15 percent,” said Kingi

To curb the further spread, the committee announced to upscale enforcement of covid-19 protocols.

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The committee observed that funerals and weddings are attracting huge crowds in total disregard of social distancing.

Kingi said political gatherings in the county have resumed against directives issued by the MOH.

The committee suspended open-air markets for 30 days with immediate effect.

“We have also suspended all sporting activities for 30 days. These activities are mostly organized by politicians as they seek votes for 2022 general election. Please do not kill your voters by organizing such events,” said Kingi

The governor observed that some people have developed a habit of removing their loved ones late in the evening so that they can have a night vigil and bury the next day.

The committee also directed that burials should take place not later than 48 hours after the death is reported.

“All mortuaries will release bodies for burial not later than noon to allow the bereaved to bury their loved one. The burial service should not take more than two hours and the burial should not go past 4 pm,” directed Kingi.

On Churches and Mosque, the committee resolved that they should strictly implement the one-third rule and the number of worshipers is displayed conspicuously at the church entrance

“No congregants should be allowed without a mask. Church service to take a maximum of one and a half hours. The presiding priests or Imams whose places of worship flout MOH protocols will be held accountable,” said Olaka

 Already, the county has developed a commitment template for burials and weddings.

“The template indicates all the Covid-19 protocols for burials and weddings for family members to sign. I urge all Imams and pastors to decline to preside over burials and weddings that contravene Covid-19 protocols or we hold them accountable too,” said Olaka.

The committee also banned hospital visitation in both public and private hospitals.

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