Covid-19: Police to supervise burials in Kilifi


Bodies leaving any mortuary in Kilifi County must be accompanied by police officers, Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has said.

Police officers must also be present during burials to make sure not more than 15 people attend the burial.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, Kingi said the move was reached at after people ignored orders not to congregate during burials.

“From today going forward, there is no body that will leave any of the mortuaries in Kilifi county without police escort. You must notify the police before picking the body of your loved one from the mortuary,” he said.

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Kingi was accompanied by County commissioner Magu Mutindika.

Families who wish to bury their loved ones without taking them to mortuary will also have to notify the police.

“Anyone who will be caught violating this directive will be taken to forcet quarantine at their own cost. We have people who are notorious with following orders,” said Kingi

He said the move is aimed at making sure people stay safe from the covid-19 pandemic

The governor also announced that 500, 000 masks are currently being processed at the Mega garments in Mtwapa.

“The masks will be distributed free of charge to members of the public. People should be wearing masks if we are to stem the spread of this decease,” he said.

The county is also set to begin mass testing on Monday.

Medical officers and journalists will be the first to be tested and later security officers.

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