Covid-19 offenders to be subjected to community work


Mombasa and Kilifi counties could soon introduce community service as a punishment to covid-19 offenders.

This is part of a joint Covid-19 management program made by the two counties to address the escalating cases of the virus in the two counties.

In a virtual meeting between Governor Hassan Joho (Mombasa) and Governor Amason Kingi(Kilifi), the two leaders said the surging numbers in the two counties that share common demographic details are causing anxiety and should be addressed in unison.

According to Kingi, taking the offenders to court will be creating an avenue for the spread of the coronavirus.

“We want to discourage crowding of people and the courts and prisons will be crowded if we are to take everyone who does not adhere to the protocols. We will make sure the offenders are forced to clean toilets and garbage in the streets so that they can learn a lesson,” said Kingi

The governor, however, said a legislation is required for the propose to take effect.

“We need to have our two assemblies work on a legal framework which includes coming up with a legislation to address it. We cannot be arresting people and confine them to community work if there is no law in place,” said Governor Kingi.

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Both Mombasa and Kilifi attorneys are expected to work out on the draft legislation to be sent to the assemblies.

The two governors have also agreed on new strategies to address the issue of people commuting between the two counties.

“Mombasa and Kilifi are brother and sister. We share almost everything. We have people working in Kilifi and living in Mombasa. We also have people living in Kilifi but working in Mombasa. They interact along the road and this is an area we need to focus on a solution between the two counties,” said Governor Joho.

In the virtual meeting, Governor Kingi told his Mombasa counterpart that his administration together with the national government had banned all sporting activities until the covid-19 pandemic is addressed.

“In Kilifi, we have banned all football tournaments because of the surging number of Covid-19 positive cases. I think Mombasa County is also in a position to do the same because any efforts within this region and if done in Mombasa, we shall address that with ease,” said Governor Kingi.

Governor Joho agreed to Kingi’s idea that all tournaments in Mombasa shall also be suspended until the covid-19 curve is flattened.

“It is a good idea and I think Mombasa will also go that way because these same tournaments have formed the gatherings that are not allowed and were banned by President Uhuru Kenyatta,” said Governor Joho.

Both Mombasa and Kilifi attorneys are expected to work out on the draft legislation to be sent to the assemblies.

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