County rescue team retrieves Bodies of Gwaseni drowning victims


In a valiant effort, the rescue team dispatched by the Kilifi County Government successfully recovered the bodies of four individuals who tragically drowned at Gwaseni along the Bamba-Mariakani road. This devastating incident unfolded as their vehicle succumbed to the fierce torrents of floods caused by the El Nino rains.

Eyewitness accounts reveal that despite warnings of perilous conditions, the driver of the vehicle endeavoured to traverse the flooded section of the Gwaseni River around 10:30am, defying cautionary advice. Regrettably, the vehicle was swiftly swept away, succumbing to the force of the surging waters.

Responding promptly to the distress call, the disaster management department, led by County Executive Member Dr. Ruth Dama Masha, swiftly mobilized and commenced an intensive operation to retrieve the victims. The collaborative efforts between the official team and local residents proved instrumental, culminating in the recovery of three men and one woman after a strenuous two-hour search.

The recovered bodies have been transported to the mortuary at the Kilifi County Referral Hospital. Authorities have emphasized the necessity for heightened vigilance among Kilifi residents during this period marked by heightened flood risks.

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Moreover, the dedicated initiatives of the special planning and disaster management department, in conjunction with humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross, are currently aiding individuals from Vitengeni and neighbouring areas in navigating the swollen Rare River and Kafuloni River. Both Rivers have burst their banks, necessitating assistance to ensure safe crossings for the affected populace.

The Kilifi County Government continues to spearhead these crucial efforts, prioritizing community safety and providing support to mitigate the challenges brought forth by adverse weather conditions. This tragic event stands as a stark reminder of the importance of proactive measures and collective vigilance in the face of natural calamities.

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