County Government officer lives in fear over Raindrops saga

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A report filed at the Kilifi Police Station on 22 January 2022 indicates that a senior County official is living in fear after unidentified people trailed her official car last evening.

Earlier on they had asked the driver about the whereabouts of the official.

According to the report, the official believes the recent court case between the county government of Kilifi and Rain drops limited could be the cause of the trailing.

The County Government of Kilifi issued a public notice that they will be taking over the collection of cess and parking fees after judgment of the High Court sitting in Malindi in Civil Case no. 9 denied Raindrops Ltd a permanent injunction and opted to award the company damages including loss of future profits they would have earned if the contract had continued.

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An attempt to take over collection by the County Government has been met with a lot of resistance by the company forcing the intervention of the police to maintain peace and ensure secure handling of funds.

The official alleges that the director who stated recently in the media that they collect 37 million in revenue per month should be called to account for the money since highest collection recorded by the County was 27 million and dwindled down to 4 million in recent times.

“Investigative agencies should ask the director to account for the whereabouts of the shortfall of the revenue” said the official

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