Coronavirus: Kilifi leaders decry soiled image


Kaloleni Member of Parliament Paul Katana has called on Kilifi residents to spare leaders from character assassination on social media over the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Katana expressed fears that leaders may find it hard to interact with residents due to the fear created on social media.

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He said some leaders have already decided to take a low profile due to the stigma peddled on social media after Kilifi DG tested positive for coronavirus.

“What is being portrayed in social media is that all leaders have tested positive for the virus. People should not create this fear. Leaders have decided to self-quarantine as a precautionary measure but it does not mean they have the virus,” said Katana

The MP urged residents to stop sharing alarming information and leave the ministry of health to guide Kenyans on what to do.

“Let us heed the advice of the ministry and observe hygiene. We should cut the chain by making sure we stay at home to avoid spreading the virus,” added Katana.

Land CAS Gideon Mung’aro said he has received his results and tested negative.

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Both his family, driver and bodyguards tested negative.

He however said he will still remain in quarantine until the stipulated time elapses.

“I am on the second day and I can tell you it’s a hard experience. I am used to going to work by 7.30am but now I am just locked up in my house just to save my country. I am expecting my results today,” said Mung’aro

He urged resident to stop roasting leaders on social media and instead observe government directives.

“I know we are used to shaking hands as mijikendas but this is not the time to take chances. We should stay at home and forget the habit of roaming from house to house every morning to greet people. We can all be safe if we take precautions. I know we have traditions and a culture but in this situation let us keep our culture aside,” added Mung’aro

Mung’aro said though it’s hard to maintain social distance in the Mijikenda set up, people should not take things for granted.

“When you tell someone to keep distance the thought is you are avoiding them. This is not the case. We are trying to make everyone safe,” added Mung’aro.

The CAS said he attended a funeral with deputy governor Gideon Saburi, Kilifi woman representative and Rabai MP William Kamoti.

Currently, Mbeyu and Kamoti are in self-quarantine in their respective homes.

According to a source close to Kamoti. The MP went for checkup at a Mombasa hospital and left for self-quarantine at home.

 The source spoke in confidence as he is not authorized to speak for the MP.

“The MP has switched off his phone because of what was being shared in social media. People went as far as saying the MP has tested positive and is in intensive care unit. The MP is in his Rabai home and he is complying with the government protocols on Covid-19. The MP is devastated by what people are sharing on social media about him,” said the source.

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