Confusion over disco matanga ban

Disco Matanga

Disco operators in Kilifi county have been thrown into confusion over the ban on disco matanga.

During the launch of the 16 days of activism in Kilifi, Public service, Gender and affirmative action CS Aisha Jumwa announced the lifting of the ban imposed in 2019.

On Jamhuri day, however, acting Kilifi county commissioner Geoffrey Tanui said the ban still stands.

Speaking in Kauma sub-county, Tanui said the ban will be extended to all discos played during the night in social functions.

According to Tanui, the celebrations contribute to insecurity and even early pregnancies among school children.

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“The discos do not play only in funerals but even in weddings. We will allow you to play during the day because nights are meant for sleeping. We need to take care of our children because we have a very long holiday and if we will not be careful we may not get students in our schools in January,” he said

He challenged political leaders in Kilifi County to cooperate to ensure that the discos and night celebrations do not take place.

“I want all political leaders to support us by speaking against it. If you speak otherwise then you will be hurting your own people,” he said.

Kilifi county woman member of the national assembly Getrude Mbeyu urged parents to take responsibility in taking care of their children.

Mbeyu also asked the police officers to take action against those who will be found playing the discos.

Tanui’s sentiments come barely a month after Gender CS Aisha Jumwa announced the lifting of the disco matanga ban during the launch of the 16 days of activism in Kilifi.

When she lifted the ban, Jumwa said the ban, which was imposed in 2019, has hut the businesses of many people in the county.

Jumwa ordered the police to arrest minors who will be found in the disco matangas.

“We promised to uplift small businesses and not killing them. The ban has deprived many people of their livelihoods hence I lift the ban on disco matanga. Minors should not be allowed in these function and police officers instead of collecting money from the operators make sure you arrest the minors you find in these events and detain them until their parents come for them and you arrest and charge the parents for negligence,” she said

The CS said most parents have neglected their responsibility and blame the government for their failure.

“As a parent, you should always know where your child is. When the child leaves home for these functions where is the parent? Do not abscond your duties and allow your child to roam around then you blame disco matanga. If we arrest a few parents and charge them then this matter will get a solution,” she added

The then interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’I imposed the ban after 17, 000 teenage girls were reported pregnant in 2019.

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