Children’s coordinator calls for closure of Paul Mackenzie’s church

paul mackenzie

Coast regional directorate of children services co-ordinator George Migosi has called on the register of society to immediately investigate the controversial Kilifi based televangelist church and its teaching, accusing for manipulating followers through skewed extreme religious teaching.

Migosi is also accusing Pastor Paul Mackenzie of the Good news international church for brainwashing his followers and preaching dangerous doctrine that encourage them to fast for 40 days in orders see the coming back of Jesus.

Addressing journalists in Shakahola, Malindi Constituency after rescuing four children Migosi asked the register of society to investigate the pastor’s teaching, adding that many children are undergoing suffering in the hands of him.

“Even if the church has been certified to carry out its activities, I can say that it’s teaching are against children’s act. As I’m talking I have I have managed to rescue four children and I have seen Makenzi at his home with a group of people I believe they are his followers. We have had reports that some people have burnt their degree certificates because of his teaching that is against education,” said Migosi.

He alleged that it is in his house that the pastor has been brainwashing and shaping the belief of his followers.

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Migosi said that some of those who followed his scripture teachings have already died.

On Thursday last week, Mackenzie was presented before Malindi high court where Directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) officers requested for 14 days to probe the matter.

He was released on a Ksh.10,000 police bond.

“Pastor Mackenzie claimed that he quieted teaching the word of God in 2019 and this is where I wanted the register of society to chip in and investigate because he is still on course and he is teaching his followers at his home in Shakahola,” he added.

Johnson Kenga a follower who quieted the church because of his suspicious teaching says that Makenzi was instructing his congregants not to seek medical treatment when sick and taking meal.

Kenga also claimed that Mackenzie used to instruct his followers not to take their children to school but instead follow his scriptures to so as to reach haven faster.

“I became suspicious over his instructions and I decided to qiut the church because he even told his followers not to do any activity or relocate to town,” said Kenga.

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