Chalani residents elated as MP commissions repair works of Mtsengo-Chalani-Chanagande road

pkKaloleni MP Paul Katana (Left in cap), Kayafungo MCA Alphonce Mwayaa (Centre) and Kenya Rural Roads Authority Coast boss during the commissioning of the Mtsengo-Chalani-Chanagande road on Friday

Transport along the Chanagande -Chalani-Mtsengo road in Kaloleni will soon be restored after repair works on the road begun on Friday.

The road which is the backbone of many businesses in Kaloleni and Ganze was cut off by floods in April rendering it impassable. Speaking after he commissioned the repair works on the 13km road, Kaloleni MP Paul Katana said businessmen have been counting losses for the last seven months.

“This road is a very busy road and most businessmen depend on this road to transport their merchandise to other major towns. This is the entry road for most products from the coconut tree. This is the entry road for many fruits from the farms. Right now the glory of Kaloleni has gone down because of this road,” said Katana. He said the delay in repairing the road was occasioned by its classification.

“Initially this road was under the county government which is yet to receive development money. I went to the government to ask for the road and I was granted Ksh15 million from the equalization fund to repair it. The repair works will include grading and murraming of the road,” added Katana.

According to the area MP Paul Katana, more than 5000 people living in Chalani and Mitsengo can know access Kaloleni town using the road. The road is expected to be completed in the next four months. The road connects Kaloleni ward to Mwanamwinga ward and Kayafungo ward and it also connects to Ganze constituency.

Naomi Mrisa a business woman said the government has neglected the road for many years adding that they were forced to travel long distance to look for goods. She expressed her confidence that the road will be completed in time so that vehicles can be able to transport their goods to various destinations. Izack Iha a Motorcycle said the only means of transport was motorcycles which they have hiked the prices because of the situation of the road.

Every day, over 7000 litres of palm wine are transported from the area to Chanagande town which is the collection and distribution point to Mombasa and other coastal towns. Mapenzi Ngumbao, a business lady who transports Palm wine and coconuts said since the road was damaged, she has to cough Ksh2000 more to make sure her merchandise reach the market in Chanagande.

“This area is blessed with farm produce but this road is doing us a big blow. I used to incur about Ksh1200 in transport of both palm wine and the coconuts but now I pay Ksh3500. This has affected my profit and my appeal to the contractor is to make sure the repairs are not delayed,” she said

Edward Nzai, another businessman in Chalani running a retail shop said vehicles transporting goods can no longer access his shops and he has to use a motorbike to ferry them from the first point where the road was damaged by the floods.

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