Catch the big five at Galana Wildlife Conservancy

Galana wildlife conservancy

The Agricultural Development Corporation has ventured into wildlife conservation by setting aside 60,000 acres of its land at Galana to promote local tourism.

The Galana Wildlife Conservancy that offers an Agritourism taste lies between the 1.7 million acre Galana ranch and the more than 3 million acres Tsavo East national park.

According to the ADC Managing Director Mohamed Bule, the conservancy has all the big five wildlife and many other animals that attracts tourists.

“The purposes of creating the conservancy was to attract the local tourism industry and we offer a third of the rates that Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) charges to access the parks and one can also traverse the entire conservancy and see all the animals without covering long distances,” he said.

“This is killing several birds with one stone to promote local tourism,” he added.

Mr. Bule also said that the tourists apart from seeing the park will also be taken around the Galana ranch and learn more about raring of beef cattle.

“We rare our beef cattle at the Galana ranch alongside the wildlife and the arrangement we have with KWS is that the lions and the wildlife that roam inside the conservancy and the Tsavo East National park are all ours and therefore when they eat our cows or goats it is a government lion that has eaten a government cattle and therefore there is no compensation,” he said.

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Already there are six wildlife camps set up within the camp by tourism players and its promiscuity from Malindi town is an added advantage as tourists can tour the park and still drive back to Malindi in the evening.

Mr. Philemon Mwavala who owns the Doadoa camp near the Galana Conservancy said that more Kenyans were now visiting the conservancy, especially after the government launch the Galana Kulalu Food Security Project where different kind of farming activities take place.

“The tarmacking of the Malindi- Salagate road was timely and this is a major game-changer because we have clients who are only for game drives and they will enjoy their holiday in the bush. The flora and fauna in Galana wildlife conservancy are different from those from places like Maasai Mara and the animals are good,” he said.

Doa doa is one hour drive from Malindi town and players are vouching for lunchtime tours which are affordable for many and which come with at least one-afternoon game drive.

Mwavala also rooted for Agriculture tourism since the Galana Kulalu Food Security Project borders the park and the conservancy and agriculture lovers can tour the area and learn as well as mix the experience with bush life.

He added that Doadoa does excursions and safaris and organize with the national park and the conservancy for the game drives adding that their package includes two game drives one in the Tsavo East national park and the other at the Galana conservancy.

“Our policy in terms of service and what we do we explain to guests that when they are around they should be accompanied by our security guards since our facility doesn’t have a fence just to conform to the environment and let the animals roam freely,” he said.

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