Bring your children closer, leaders advise

ChildrenKilifi county education and ICT CECM Professor Gabriel Katana (R)awards a certificate to the chairman Trwinkle stars academy Alfred Masha and the Twinkle stars director Joyce Masha

Kilifi county executive committee member for education and ICT Professor Gadriel Katana and Kaloleni DCC Paul Rotich have blamed parents for giving a blind eye to their children’s social life.

The leaders said parents have left the responsibly of taking care of their children to outsiders and social media which has encouraged indiscipline cases including the major challenge of the early pregnancies in school girls.

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Speaking during the graduation ceremony at Twinkle Star Academy in Kaloleni on Monday, Rotich said parents are quick at blaming the Government when it comes up with stringent regulations meant for the welfare of their children.

“There are many issues going around in our children’s life. Unless as parents we move close to them we will never know some of these things. We are losing children to social matters. That is why we find girls as low as 10 years pregnant,” said Rotich.

The Deputy County Commissioner maintained that the ban on disco Matanga is still in force despite resistant from the community and section of the politicians in the County.

“As a government we identified that disco matanga as one of the social avenues contributing to rampant cases of early pregnancies in our school girls and we called for the ban. We will continue with the decision as a government,” he said.

Professor Katana said parents are now waiting to be informed about their children welfare than them trying to find out by themselves.

 “Parents have lost the culture of being close to their children and now they are driven by peer pressure,” he said.

He said it is happening even in higher learning institutions where parents have lost students out of Universities to the outside world without their knowledge.

“There are cases where a parent expects to attend a graduation for his son or daughter only to be told that he dropped out of school yet they have been paying fees and providing them for all the years,” he added.

Kenya Port Authority (KPA)Engineer Alfred Masha urged parents to encourage their children to study higher and observed that high population of boys are dropping out of school at class eight to join the bodaboda industry.

“We should discourage the bodaboda thinking in our pupils. These is becoming rooted among our boys who feel that they will get quick money only because he will part with kshs 500 by the closure of his work,” said Masha.

 Masha challenged student to study because they need a bright future and not because their parents are paying money for them to be school.

“If you are a parent and your son want to finish only class eight, there is a problem,” he said.

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