Brides and Beyond wedding Expo lights up Mombasa

Brides and Beyond wedding Expo

The fourth edition of the Brides and Beyond wedding Expo went down on September 14-15 at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Mombasa.

This year’s expo recorded 60 exhibitors surpassing last year’s 36.

The event was officially opened by the Brides and Beyond Wedding Expo CEO Kokie Rading and Mvita Member of Parliament Abdhulswamad Nassir.

Nassir sponsored Skills Mtaani who were also exhibitors in the Expo.

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From different fashionable and adorable wedding gowns, to cakes, to make up, to different foods, exquisite decor and everything you would need to make your wedding the most memorable were all showcased in the expo.

Some exhibitors were forced to showcase their exhibitions outside the hall due to limited space.

Rading who is also a nominated MCA in the Kilifi county assembly said the Coast region has a lot to offer in terms of fashion and arts.

“Many people have been harboring a notion that you cannot get good wedding gowns in Mombasa. We have these things in plenty and from here I am sure most people will have a different picture of this region,” Rading.

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The expo was first held in 2016 and it has grown every year.

 “The journey has not been easy but we thank God we are growing. We started with only 26 exhibitors in 2016, 30 in 2017, in 2018 we had 36 and this year the hall is full with 60 exhibitors in that the stalls were not enough and we were forced to put other exhibitors on tables,” Rading said.

Next year’s expo is expected to bring together exhibitors from across the coast region.

She insisted on proper marketing to any business to help a business grow including using cash to do marketing saying the results would be promising.

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