‘Bomb detector’ project by Kilifi’s St. Thomas girls captures the attention of KDF


A science project by girls from a secondary school in Kilifi has captured the attention of the Kenya defence forces.

Officers from the KDF on Wednesday visited St Thomas Girls Secondary school in Kilifi get details of the ‘Blink Alarm and Patrol security project’

The project is a modified vehicle which has an ability to detect improvised explosive device (IED) hidden in the ground.

It was developed by Rebeca Dzidia, Susan Mutai, Swabra Kadzo (form three) and Jemima Safina, a Form Two student with the help of their Physics and Chemistry teachers.

The team from KDF led by Major General Ayub Matiiri landed in Kilifi in two military helicopters for the school tour acknowledged the innovation by the girls.

The officers were led in a tour of the school by the school Principal Ms Eunice Mwaiseghe accompanied by Mr Egan Baya and Mr Boniface Keya who are Physics and Chemistry teachers.

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“The project involves a vehicle which moves at 15 kilometers per hour contains public address system, security cameras, sensor alarms and metal detectors and scanners that are able to detect bombs,” said Mutai.

The students demonstrated to the officers how the ‘bomb detector’ vehicle works.

“Once the IED has been detected, it sounds an alarm and spreads its sensor windows to send signals to incoming vehicles,” they said adding “the vehicle can detect IEDs lying 3.5 miles away and it is able to travel at night without using the driving lights.”

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Matiiri who promised to visit the school again said they came to see the projects’ viability after it captured their attention.

“We came here after seeing in the media girls in Kilifi have science project which can detect bombs and it is a worthy project,” he said adding “we are impressed by their skills and innovation.”

He added: “We have come to the school to have a look after the project and we are taking back the report but we are going to come back,”

On her part, the school principal said they are privileged to host the KDF as a result of science project to motivated the girls work hard in education and develop their talents.

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  1. DENNIS TANGAI | April 4, 2019 at 4:30 pm | Reply

    Let this Telent NOT go into a waste like the Nyayo Pioneer Cars invented way back in the 80’s !…This is a GREAT scientific invention and it needs to be Nutured and invested upon to become a Kenyas’pride…..a Home grown Scientific Invention

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