[Video] Blowing disability through the trumpet, the story of Mercy Karabu


Merciline Kadii Karabu, 15 lost her left leg after a snake bite in 2009.

Now a student at Gates of Hope academy in Malanga Kilifi County is one of the best trumpeter in the school’s brass band. Merciline who aspires to be a doctor, is an inspiration to many people living with disability.

Her prowess to blow the trumpet is unmatched despite her disability.

“I currently use a prosthetic leg which is very expensive. Every time it gets damaged I always get a big challenge with my mobility.

She was bitten by a black mamba while farming at their Dzikunze farm in Ganze constituency.

Merceline thanks her family and her school for the support they accord her.

I don’t feel neglected because after staying in hospital for four years and even when my leg was amputated I still came out strong and my family has always been there for me.

Gates of Hope manager Gona Tuva who is also disabled said her energy at the trumpet and the tunes she blows has stunned many in the area.

“Here at Gates of Hope we believe everyone is disabled. Merciline can play the trumpet so if you cannot play the trumpet we believe that’s your disability. I went through a lot that’s why I decided to start this school to empower people like Merciline.

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