BBI seeks to unite Kenyans, Likoni residents told


Likoni Deputy County Commissioner Francis Kazungu has urged residents to avoid being divided along political lines during the on-going Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Addressing locals in Likoni, Kazungu said peace is paramount during the entire exercise.

He asked the locals to enhance peace and stability adding that development will be realised should people embrace peace.

“We shall only be able to realise development should we maintain peace. And this report seeks to unite all of us,” he said.

The DCC further urged local leaders to preach peace insisting that the BBI document is anchored in the pillars of peace and harmony.

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Meanwhile, Likoni lawmaker Mishi Mboko noted that the BBI report is geared at uniting Kenyans.

She wants people to focus on the document instead of being swayed away by political leaders with selfish interests.

“This document’s main agenda is to unite Kenyans. We should not allow a few people to divert the attention of Kenyans,” she noted.

According to Mboko, the proposed changes insist on equity in the distribution of resources to Kenyans.

She notes the document also seeks to address the issue of inclusivity in the leadership circles.

“We know for a fact that this document will address among other issues equal distribution of resources and inclusivity. This will in turn end election violence after every five years,” Mboko noted.

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