Bats invade Lamu offices


Several government offices and hotels in Lamu have been invaded by bats and birds casing a nuisance to occupants.

According to Fatuma Shekuna, a hotelier, some visitors are now avoiding certain hotels and guest houses due to the colonies of bats and Ploceidae of weaver birds.

The invasion has made offices, residential and business premises in the Island uninhabitable.

Offices mostly affected include the Lamu county commissioner, the county police commander, the Kenya Forest service office and that of the National Environment Management Authority.

Shella beach town has also been affected with many hotels and residences reporting massive bat and weaver bird invasions.

Residents and visitors especially in Shella have complained of noise from the birds especially during night hours.

It’s also impossible to keep the affected areas clean as the birds keep littering the areas with their faeces.

Residents now wants the county government to find ways to either kill the bats and birds or force them out.

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Their growing population is especially a worrying concern as they keep breeding at a high rate.

“Initially we found them interesting but now they are so many and are nothing but a bother. Their faeces make it impossible to smell some fresh air here as it stinks. Government offices are no longer habitable. People can’t sleep peacefully due to the loud noises they make. The county should kill them,” said Safari Ramadhan.

Locals are urging the county government to set aside funds to address the menace.

“We have witnessed how counties like Mombasa have spent millions to address a similar issue. We heard they even brought in experts to investigate the situation at Uhuru gardens. Let the county government borrow a leaf and resolve this matter,” said Fatma Shekuna.

In the midst of all this, another group of residents felt the presence of the bats and weaver birds added beauty to those places.

“I don’t understand how this can piss someone off. They are simply living their lives plus, their noise is a soothing tonic. They bring these areas to life,” said Aboud Shehe.

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