Bar owners protest noise pollution law


Hotel and bar owners in Kilifi have been irked by the implementation of a law regulating noise pollution by the county government and National Environment Management Authority (Nema).

They claim the 35-db limit set for noise at their facilities has dealt a blow to their businesses.

The Environment Management and Coordination Act EMCA, bars the use of loud music and use of amplifying equipment that affect the public.

Environment Chief Officer Maryam Jeneby warned hotel and club owners that they risked being fined Sh5 million or being jailed for four years, or both, for breaking the law.

Paparemo Beach Club general manager Jackson Maina said beach parties are organised in the open making it is impossible to control the noise in such circumstances.

“Because the county is keen on the 35-decibel limit, we are losing a lot of revenue. We have stock and staff to pay, and we will be killing tourism. We urge the county government to consider reviewing the noise level,” he said.

Rosada Beach Resort general manager Anjela Chisemwa said many tourists and revellers had cancelled bookings due to the low volume of music and impromptu raids by Nema officials.

“Since the patrols started, tourists have been avoiding our premises,” she said.

But Ms Jeneby said the business owners have to comply with the law. “When we talk about noise pollution, it is anything that produces noise and it doesn’t matter whether it is a hotel, a bar or a religious event.

“But before applying the law to religious events, we need to sit down with them and inform them about the acceptable levels of noise,” she said.

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