This man Kingi: A coward or a strategist?

KingiKilifi governor Amason Kingi addressing women during the international women's day on March 7th

He is known as one of the smartest politicians from the coast.

His silence on his political future has however left many guessing. He is Amason Jeffa Kingi, the son of Adu Kamale and current Governor of Kilifi County.

Kingi is serving his second and final term as Kilifi governor.

His earlier indication that he would take a leap in the presidency, seems to be weaning away.

During his inauguration for the second term, Kingi announced that he would consult with his political comrade-Mombasa governor Hassan Joho on who will support who as they both had developed interest for the seat.

The two are yet to make the announcement though Joho has already indicated he is going for the seat, it is not clear if he has Kingi’s blessings.


Jumuiya News can now reveal what Kingi is up to.

The governor is secretly molding the coast region into a solid and united vote block.

According to a close ally to Kingi, several meetings have been held in different locations to consolidate the coastal votes and direct them to one basket yet to be agreed upon.

“The presidency is not on Kingi’s mind at the moment. He wants to build a political formidable force that will change the political landscape of the region. The aim is to make sure the region becomes part and parcel of the next government,” said the source.

Kingi’s eyes are currently on the national assembly or senate speaker’s position.

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“As a speaker of any of these august houses his influence will go beyond the coast region and it will give him a better chance to vie for the presidency in other general elections. This will make it easy for him to get support from other regions,” said the source.

Unity of the region

Kingi confirmed that his dream is to see the coast region politically united with its own political party.

“We have been speaking about the coast unity in podiums for ages but this has not borne any fruits. The unity of the coast region has been perceived as a threat by other regions who take it as a top up region for their political parties and that’s why they do anything possible to scuttle our plans to unite. This is the reason we have decided to do it underground but the ‘volcano’ will soon erupt and the politics of the region will not be the same again,” said Kingi.

In a telephone conversation, Kingi said several scholars from the region are currently being engaged.

“We have been doing this as politicians but now we are getting the inputs of several technocrats on the best way to eclipse the challenges we have been having as we strive to have a united region” he said.

He however declined to come clear on his plans after 2022.

“Watch this space. I have several options after 2022 that I do not wish to lay them bare at this moment. What I can tell you is that I will be in the national politics and not as Kingi but I will be carrying the hopes of the coast region. I will go with my people and that’s why I am currently preparing them,” added Kingi

Other Leaders

Kaloleni Member of Parliament Paul Katana expressed confidence that Kingi could propel the region politically to the next level.

“The era of political dependency to other regions is over. Kingi has what it takes and him being the top most political leader from the Mijikenda he can comfortably rally the region to a single vote basket. Kilifi County has seven out of the nine subtribes of the Mijikenda. If he was able to bring all these people to overwhelmingly vote ODM which is a party from another region then he can head a party and the region will support him,” said Katana

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“Kingi is playing politics of survival. He has all his cards under the table and does not let anyone see them. Even after the handshake he has not come out clear to say which side he supports. Whereas his Mombasa counterpart has gone full throttle in fighting the deputy President, Kingi has chosen to be quiet. He is simply positioning himself for whoever will take the trophy home,” said Kilifi North MP Owen Baya who once doubled as his political strategist.

Alex Kasuku, a political analyst from the region challenged Kingi to make his stand known.

Kasuku who vied for the Kaloleni ward seat in 2017 warned that unless Kingi comes clear, his political future will be ruined.

“Kingi has the blessings of a majority of the region. What he now needs to do is to set up a team to rove the region and come up with a party which he will be the patron. He should cease from being quiet and show the direction. Politics is so dynamic that a day’s quietness can ruin your future,” said Kasuku


He added: “The region has been looking for him and he should stop hiding under someone’s shadow. Let him come out and take the region from where the late Karisa Maitha left it,”

Kasuku urged Kingi to stop being a coward.

In the run to the 2017 general election, Kingi had a squabble with both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. He however toned down after the handshake.

“I am not a coward. I have a legacy I want to leave and I am also preparing something good for the region. There are so many things that are happening behind the curtains but once all is ready everything will be made clear,” Kingi said

Kingi has also refused to be drawn into the politics of who will succeed him.

2 Comments on "This man Kingi: A coward or a strategist?"

  1. Granton Hinzano | April 19, 2019 at 12:58 pm | Reply

    Hon king is quiet coz the Kenyan politics as per now is difficult to tell who will win the trophy.but sooer than later hon kingi will announce where to go.but in the issue of bringing together the coastal votes,he should extended it to counties like Lamu Taita taveta and Tanariver counties coz ha cannot say he commands the votes of the coastal region as pee say.

  2. Enock Katana | May 10, 2019 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    Kingi ameshindwa kuwika mjini. He is too cautious that he appears to be coward. In politics you have to go bare knuckle. He should man up and stop walking on the shadow of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho. Period.

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