Akothee apologizes to Miguna for ignoring warning on marrying ‘Omosh’


Popular Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, known as Akothee, has recently announced that she’s recovered from the heartbreak following her separation from her husband, Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer. In a gesture of contrition, she apologized to lawyer Miguna Miguna for disregarding his advice regarding her marriage to the Swiss national, stating, “After God, women fear Miguna, sorry for being rude bro, I was in love, I meant well.”

Akothee candidly detailed the story of her relationship with Omosh, defending her decision to marry him, mentioning that he entered her life at a time when she felt ready to settle down. She described how he provided the love, attention, and companionship she needed as a superstar feeling isolated without support from family or friends. Reflecting on her choice, she acknowledged that she mistook Omosh for the right life partner, expressing regret for ignoring warnings and for her naivety, but clarified that her decisions don’t define her entirely.

A month prior, Miguna had challenged Akothee to explain Omosh’s background, emphasizing his elder brotherly concern for her well-being. This call came after a meeting with Akothee where Miguna stressed the importance of her revealing Omosh’s true identity and history.

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Earlier in April, Akothee and Omosh had tied the knot in a ceremony at Nairobi’s Windsor Hotel. The wedding was attended by prominent figures such as Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, Lawyer PLO Lumumba, and various other dignitaries and celebrities, including MP Jalang’o, Homa Bay Woman Rep Bensouda Atieno, Kisumu First Lady Dorothy Nyongo, and notable figures like Azziad, Kabi Wa Jesus, Diana, and Bahati.

Akothee’s wedding coincided with her 40th birthday, marking a significant personal milestone for the singer.

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