Akili Dada launches intergenerational dialogue to curb GBV in Kilifi

Akili Dada

An NGO has initiated an intergenerational dialogue campaign to address Gender-Based Violence in Kilifi county.

Akili Dada, a non-government organization in partnership with Sustainable Development Goals Kenya Forum, and Kilifi Youth Advisory Council said the intergenerational equity campaigns will be youth-led.

Speaking during the launch in Kilifi, Akili Dada Deputy Programs Manager Diana Njuguna said the campaigns are aimed at disseminating the right information on policies and laws on gender-based violence.

“The government always comes up with policies and laws on gender-based violence but the community is not aware. This is one of the factors contributing to high cases of GBV and violence against women and girls,” she said

Njuguna said teenage pregnancies and transactional sex among women and girls is high in Kilifi.

 “The forums will bring together all the players in Kilifi to be able to speak in one voice on issues of gender-based violence to end violence against women and girls,” she said.

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Winfred Mwindi from Sustainable Development Goals Kenya Forum said cultural barriers are the main hindrance to the war against gender-based violence.

She added that men in this community are not aware that they must support women in their communities and protect them from gender-based violence.

Mwindi said men are being engaged as implementers in the process of gender equality.

“These men are setting the example in the community for people to know that gender equality is not about the fight for women’s rights alone but it involves all gender to ensure that both men and women are supported and protected against gender-based violence,” she said.

Faith Mwikali from the Youth Advisory Council said the dialogue will provide a platform through which they will be able to reach women and young girls at the grassroots.

“These will be a safe avenue for the community to express themselves on GBV issues to have proper protective measures be taken,” she said.

Currently, the Youth Advisory Council is conducting awareness programs for women and girls to speak out whenever they are abused.

Kilifi County Director for Gender Shumaa Mwangome said over 3,500 sexual gender-based violence cases were reported through the GBV hotline numbers by March this year.

He said the reported cases are not part of those recorded at the gender desk at the police stations.

“Many gender-based violence cases are not being reported unless they are brought to the attention of the public. In our reporting system, the number of cases being captured by our hotline numbers is many compared to those that are being reported at the police station and also in our courts,” he added.

Shumaa said the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a rise in gender-based violence.

“The trend of gender-based violence in Kilifi cannot be predicted but the cases are moving like a snake. These cases are unique and they are being reported in every part of the county,” he said.

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