Aisha Jumwa: The Dabaso dilemma

Aisha Jumwa

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa is yet to come to terms with the loss by her preferred candidate in the just concluded Ganda by election.

The MP who had vowed to use all means within her power to make sure Abdulrahman Mohammed retains the seat is still nursing the humiliation she got after the win by Reuben Katana.

Jumwa, one of the front runners in the race to replace Amason Kingi as the county boss in 2022 is however at crossroad on whether to again take the ODM team head on in the forthcoming Dabaso by election.

Sources close to the MP indicate that Jumwa is yet to make up her mind on Dabaso.

“Ganda is her home tuff and things went south. She is currently making calculated moves as she is yet to recover from both financial and morale loss. Ganda was a sure win for her but things did not work out. As it stands ODM has an upper hand in Dabaso and that’s why we do not want to take chances,” said the source that sort anonymity.

The Dabaso seat is a walk over for ODM with the support of Land CAS Gideon Mung’aro and Kilifi north MP Owen Baya. The two come from Dabaso.

The immediate former MCA Emmanuel Changawa also has a good relationship with the ODM party unlike Abdulrahman who fall out with the party.

After the seat was declared vacant, Changawa called for the party to give him a direct nomination as he has been loyal to it.

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Michael Kenga from the Kilifi Political Network said Jumwa will most likely hide under the Umoja Summit Party of Kenya so as to minimize the humiliation of another loss.

“After denouncing her support for ODM, Jumwa has not had any firm stand in any party. We cannot say she supports Jubilee party because in Ganda JP fielded a candidate but Jumwa campaigned against him. In Kibra we saw her supporting the Jubilee candidate. Jumwa is working with USPK behind the curtain and I don’t think she will come to the stage with USPK in Dabaso. If she will do that then it’s a wait and see situation but she will most probably play a very passive role in Dabaso,” said Kenga

Lately, Jumwa has maintained low profile on the Kilifi county political arena.

Though IEBC is yet to set a date for the by election, already different teams from political parties have pitched tent in the ward analyzing the situation in the ground.

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