900 Tons of waste generated in Mombasa County daily

wasteGodfrey Nyongesa Nato CECM Ina-charge of Environment Waste Management and Energy, Mombasa county.

A total of 900 tons of waste is generated daily in Mombasa County, The department of Environment, Waste Management and Energy has revealed.

Mombasa County Executive Committee member in charge of the department Godfrey Nato says 80 percent is organic waste generated in households and the kitchen.

He further notes that 80 percent of Mombasa County residents have access to waste collectors.

Mr Nato was speaking to the media in Mombasa after witnessing the signing of a partnership with the worldwide fund and Petco, a recycling company.

He acknowledged the lack of infrastructure to recycle waste in the entire county.

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“Women are front line managers of waste. 80% of this waste is organically produced in houses and the kitchen,” said the CEC.

The CEC further points out that there is no ready market for waste in the county.

Meanwhile, World Wide Fund WWF conservation director says the organization is committed to ensuring that the society is plastic-free.

She adds that unlike other waste, plastics stay for over 1000 years before decomposing.

“We have partnered with waste collectors and have the equipment to donate. We have a lot of plastics in the sea,” said Ms Githaiga.

At the same time, Mvita sub-county Waste Collectors vice-chairperson Susan Owino said the environmental lobby seeks to ensure that waste collection is maximized in the county.

She says 90 percent of waste is recyclable and can be sold to generate income.

“After training, we found out that 90 percent of all waste should not be thrown. The problem is that people sell plastics at a cheaper price,” said Owino.

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