800 families to spend night in the cold after police demolish Nayeni village

NayeniA child catches a nap on top of their belongings after their house was demolished

Over 800 families will spend their night in the cold after they were evicted from the Nayeni village.

Two bulldozers demolished houses on Thursday morning. Several people were injured during the demolition.

According to Nayeni chairman Mataza Kilumo said the demolition started at around midnight.

“They came without notice and started flattening our houses. We have lost property worth millions. We know we had a case but they should have notified us or even conduct the demolition during the day,” said Kilumo

Nayeni is the second biggest squatter village after Kiwapa.

Zawadi Ngowa, a pregnant mother is worried that her pregnancy might develop complications after she was beaten up by the police officers during the demolition.

“One officer whipped me and I fell on the ground. He kicked me as I was pleading with him. Another officer came and asked him to leave me alone. They poured my food. I have nothing to eat as I speak. I felt something coming out of my private parts. I want to salvage some few things then go to the hospital,” said

Fikirini Jacobs, who donated 10 bales of maize flour called on members of parliament to amend the land act.

Jacobs said the law makes it hard to challenge a title deed.

Kilifi Land and Social Justice Centre Rapid Response officer Eric Mgoja said the law was not followed during the demolition.

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Mgoja said the police used a defective court order to evict the squatters.

“The court order was issued three years ago. A court order takes six months. Three months for mobilization and three months for execution. The police should not have used that court order,” he said.

Kilifi north MP Owen Baya warned that police officers behind the demolition will be held accountable.

“Those behind these demolition, backed by Foreign Colonial Masters and insensitive Police Service and in total disregard of court orders I will come for you and the wheels of justice will turn against you individually. If the police and provincial administration cannot respect a judicial process and chose to respect a colonial master instead of the sovereignty of this nation and its people justice will catch up with you,” said Baya

Nayeni invaded the land nine years ago prompting Tony Stubbs who claims ownership of the 230-acre parcel of land to move to court.

The squatters lost the case and appealed. They also lost the appeal and in 2019 an eviction order was issued by a Malindi court.

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