6 Positive impacts of Covid-19

Positive impacts of covid-19

The headline of the story looks funny just by looking at it from a literal perspective. Even with the doom and gloom, there are positive impacts of Covid-19.

However, it is true and should not be taken for granted.

It is an interesting lesson to learn that apart from the pandemic being worrisome to billions of citizens in various countries, it has had some positive impacts.

This is however my opinion and should not be misconstrued. I have the right to express my personal opinion as enshrined in the supreme law of the land.

Some of the positive impacts of Covid-19 include among others peaceful co-existence in contemporary society.

Peaceful coexistence and bearing each other’s burdens

Kenyans are now living together and carry each other’s burdens. There is some form of brotherhood that has sprouted after the pandemic hit the country.

Places of worship such as churches and mosques have been at the forefront in donating relief food for the less fortunate.

County governments have also funded emergency funds to cushion Kenyans affected by the pandemic. This has however had some issue in various counties with some citizens complaining of biases in the distribution of the food.

Non-state actors have also been at the forefront in the war against Covid-19 and have cushioned Kenyans with the same. This is very encouraging.

Little or no politicking

The pandemic has also led to little or no politicking and this is a positive impact. Disputatiously, few people interact and this does not catalyze the spread of the virus.

We have witnessed little or no mass weddings, political rallies and funeral gatherings have been reduced. This is a tick to our government.

Family reunion

The pandemic has led to family reunion. Family members join their families earlier compared to a time before the pandemic. Working partners used to reach home late.  Kenyans can now take part in community work and development.

Technological Advancement.

The world has gone digital after the pandemic. The pace at which technology has been unwinding is beyond explanation. Meetings are now done online through newly discovered web applications such as zoom.

Kenyans can now sit at the comfort of their offices and homes and cyber cafes and carry on with their official businesses as usual.

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Kenyans can now meet people we have never met through desktop, laptop and mobile phone.

Zoom and Amazon among other web apps have reduced the chances of cheating amongst couples.

Kenyans can now have wonderful moments with their families despite the distance. This, I say, is a Covid-19 plus.

Investment culture

The curfew has cultivated an investment culture amongst Kenyans. Most Kenyans resorted to saving their cash that would otherwise be used in night parties. What Kenyans are now witnessing is little or no drinking due to the 10 pm curfew imposed by the government.

Men and women who used to drink strong wines and spirits in pubs can no longer do that now.

This has in turn brought about responsibility in thousands of families throughout the country.

 Equality between political elites and ordinary Kenyans

The pandemic has brought about equality between the political class, religious leaders and ordinary Kenyans.

All Kenyans now share the same bed in isolation wards, no foreign travels for the political elites and above all professionals share the same fate.

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