3 arrested as police raid MRC training camp in Kaloleni

MRCSome of the weapons recovered during the raid

Police in Kaloleni, have raided an alleged Mombasa republican council MRC training camp inside Kaya Jibana,

Confirming the incident, Kaloleni sub county police commander Kennedy Osando said three people were arrested during the raid.

He said the police were acting on a tip off that about 60 youths had converged inside the Kaya for training.

“We believe they gathered for preparations to commit a crime. They were all armed with crude weapons and well-sharpened machetes. Some were still sharpening the pangas while others danced to music, signs of high spirits,” said Osando

The youths defied a police order to surrender and instead they ran deep into the forest after the police opened fire.

“They dashed into the forest leaving behind 10 sharp machetes. Since it was dark we could not do patrol clearance. We withdrew from the scene and went back on Friday morning”

“We gathered some of the crude weapons, machetes, bows and arrows that had been left behind,” the OCPD added.

Those arrested include two youths and an old man believed to be their witchdoctor.

“These people were prepared; they were in a training camp, ready to commit crimes against humanity.”

Osando appealed to the public to report any persons seeking treatment for gunshot wounds as some of the youths were likely shot in the process of fleeing.

“My appeal to the public is to report to us any individuals seeking treatment in private hospitals or homes,” he said.

He warned MRC operatives, their sympathizers and those harbouring them that they will be arrested and punished.

“We will not relent. We are sounding a stern warning. Desist from illegal activities or get ready to face the law.”

Osando further urged Kaya elders not to allow illegal activities such as trainings and oath-taking in the sacred Kaya forests.

“We will catch up with you if you allow such to continue. From what we saw they have resurfaced, but we will not allow them to endeavour in their quest,” he said.

Osando said the three who were arrested will be arraigned on Monday.

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  1. Job well done by the policemen

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